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Looking for a way to accelerate F&I revenue? Set your sights on these special sessions.


Course Overview

  • 90-minute live, interactive, online classes
  • Taught by top industry trainers Ron Reahard and Rick McCormick
  • Geared toward today’s unique sales environment
  • Learn how to engage customers online to improve F&I performance
  • Each session concentrates on a different sales technique with Q&A time
  • “Action Guides” included for note taking and future reference

All classes are from 1-2:30 pm Eastern time.

Selling Through the Mask

Tuesday, September 29
This class is no longer available

Selling isn’t something we do to someone; it’s something we do for and with someone. Learn how to build trust, establish credibility and deliver real value whether selling online, on the phone or through a mask.

10 Proven Profit Multipliers

Wednesday, October 14
This class is no longer available

Today’s consumers appreciate a knowledgeable professional who can explain the options, answer questions and help them make an informed decision. Increase sales with these 10 profit multipliers.

Adapting to Online Customers

Tuesday, October 27
This class is no longer available

A consumer’s purchasing experience begins with online research, not during a test drive. Help make the entire process easier and more enjoyable by engaging customers on their terms. Ultimately, it will result in more product sales.

Winners and Weepers

Wednesday, November 11

Customers may not be interested in purchasing F&I products and may present multiple reasons why they don’t want them. Win the sale by capitalizing on customer objections.

F&I from Zip to Zoom

Tuesday, December 8

Multiple-product deals demand a consistent, customer-focused process that expedites and adds value to the purchase experience. Further hone your skills and add to your toolkit.

Getting Past the Plexiglass

Wednesday, December 16

With an increase in contactless transactions, now is the time to learn how to adapt your existing processes to help ensure sales, profits and income.


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Attendance is limited. Cancellations within seven (7) days of the class date are not refundable.