Certified vehicles are increasingly important to today's consumers. There is value in knowing a vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and vetted before resale and CNA National works with select auto dealers to create dealer-certified warranty programs that offer a top level of coverage that can help provide that reassurance.


Purchasing a vehicle that comes with a limited warranty helps provide peace of mind against the unknowns that accompany buying a used car. CNA National works with select auto dealers to create certified warranty programs that can help eliminate some of these risks. Customers also have the opportunity to purchase a vehicle service contract that "wraps" around the coverage afforded in the limited warranty, adding additional years and often additional types of coverage that can help guard against unexpected repair costs.


Ask your dealer what type and term of limited warranty they offer. And be sure to ask about CNA National service contracts to wrap the limited warranty!


Three levels of coverage your dealer might offer:

  • 3-Point Limited Warranty: Engine, Transmission/Transfer Case, Drive Axle
  • 8-Point Limited Warranty: 3-point limited warranty coverage PLUS Brakes, Steering, Electrical, Front/Rear Suspension, Air Conditioning
  • Exclusionary Limited Warranty: All major component groups covered in the 3-point and 8-point limited warranties PLUS Front-Wheel Drive Assembly, Rear-Wheel Drive Assembly, Cooling System, Fuel System, Electrical System, Front-Wheel Steering Assembly, Air-Conditioning & Heating System, Brake System, Audio Entertainment System, Suspension Assembly, Electronic Instruments, Chassis Hardware

Please see the actual warranty for terms, conditions, limits of liability, exclusions and state-specific provisions that may change your coverage and/or benefits.


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