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"An important part of any auto dealership’s business model is investing the claim reserves on F&I products. It can provide a solid foundation for effectively handling risk and facilitating wealth-building to support growth."

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Who is CNA National

CNA National has been committed to providing automobile dealers and their customers with the finest programs and the highest level of service for more than 40 years. While we have grown into one of the most recognized providers in the industry, we haven't lost touch with the personalized care that remains a hallmark of our success.

By combining a comprehensive menu of products with unparalleled support, CNA National has become a leading choice of dealers nationwide.

Products We Offer

Vehicle Service Contracts Icon Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle service contracts were our first product and they remain the focus of our operation today. A mechanical breakdown is never a pleasant experience so we have designed our claims process to ensure prompt and efficient service.


GAP Icon Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

We administer GAP Waivers for a wide variety of lenders, available as an addendum to your vehicle loan. A GAP Waiver is designed to help you reduce or eliminate your outstanding balance when you have a total loss and your insurance company does not cover you 100%.*


Tire and Wheel Icon Tire & Wheel

When you encounter a road hazard that damages a tire or wheel, our Preferred Tire CareSM program covers the costs to repair the damaged tire or wheel and will even cover replacement when your tire no longer holds air and repairs are not possible.


Certified Warranty Icon Certified Warranty

These warranties can help provide peace of mind against the unknowns that accompany the purchase of a used car. CNA National offers vehicle service contracts that "wrap" around the limited warranty coverage, adding additional years and often additional types of coverage, which can further help guard against unexpected repair costs.


Lifetime Limited Icon Lifetime Limited Powertrain
Warranty & Wrap

When a dealer offers the Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty administered by CNA National, the customer can add a specifically designed service contract that “wraps” around the limited warranty coverage to expand and often enhance the coverage for your vehicle.


Ancillary Icon Ancillary Suite of Products

We offer a wide variety of tire and wheel options, paintless dent repair; windshield products; key or key fob replacement with emergency roadside assistance; protection for your vehicle’s exterior paint and interior fabric, vinyl or leather; rust inhibitor and undercoating; and theft deterrent.


Interested in learning more about working with CNA National? Get in touch with our team to explore new agent or dealer opportunities.

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